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Zenless Zone Zero beta footage reveals breakneck combat and some extreme jiggle physics

Games Radar 05 Aug 2022
The Game Club (opens in ... …and if you're looking to compare Zenless Zone Zero's jiggle physics to Genshin Impact, you're in good company; such posts have quickly risen to the top of the game's official subreddit (opens in new tab) and spread to its Discord ... (opens in new tab).

News platforms trending to short-form media formats

China Daily 04 Aug 2022
Social media these days is often associated with teenage trends, dances and celebrity culture ... This is not to deny that a seismic shift is occurring ... These individuals, when reporting, allow for interactivity with their audience, igniting discussion in comment sections and opening live streams for open discord with their audience ... .

Hackers have found a new way to hijack your Discord account

TechRadar 02 Aug 2022
Cybercriminals have found a new way to steal your Discord account using the npm open-source repository alongside a couple of malware variants ... Once integrated, the malware will seek to harvest different information from the victims, including Discord tokens, credit card information, and other types of sensitive, and potentially identifiable data.

Discord updates Android app to roll out new features along with iOS

The Times of India 02 Aug 2022
Discord’s product team has updated the blog post to announce that the company has revamped its app ... However, this new update is expected to stop showing users “coming soon to Android” messages for future Discord features, the report claims ... Discord started using this framework for its iOS app since Meta open-sourced it in 2015, the report mentions.

Discord is making its Android app more like iOS, and in a good way

Digital Trends 01 Aug 2022
According to a blog post written by Discord’s product team, React Native is an open-source UI software framework that will allow the company to release new features across all platforms simultaneously ... Discord has been using React Native ever since Meta open-sourced it in ...

Discord’s overhauled Android app will shorten the wait for new features

Engadget 01 Aug 2022
Discord has begun rolling out an overhauled Android app that addresses one of the most consistent complaints with the software ... According to Discord, that’s about to become a thing of the past ... Discord has employed the framework for iOS development ever since Meta first open sourced React in 2015.

Financial health of airline sector is the real cause for concern, not overblown safety issues

Indian Express 01 Aug 2022
AI art tool Midjourney has all the answers to ‘what if’. Gujarat to resume seaplane ride to Statue of Unity with amphibious aircraft ... Subscribe Now to get 66% OFF ... Buy now ... 1 ... read more Financial health of airline sector is the real cause for concern, not overblown safety issuesAir India sale opens up a brighter future for aviationA discordant dialogue.

Deliverance at 50: a violent battle between urban and rural America

The Observer 31 Jul 2022
Two sounds leap to mind at the mere mention of Deliverance ... Cabaret at 50 ... Read more ... Open questions complicate everything that follows ... And through that lens, there’s an extra sad resonance to the famous duel of stringed instruments that more or less opens the movie. a fleeting harmony between urban and rural America, doomed to give way to discordance.

An interview with Sadfutago: The story of Nier Automata's secret church, straight from the modders ...

Games Radar 30 Jul 2022
This memorable performance was put on by Woeful_Wolf, DevolasRevenge, and RaiderB of the Nier Modding Discord (opens in new tab) ... "I wanted sadfutago to appear innocent so that people wouldn’t assume he’s capable of making a map," Devolas tells me over Discord ... (opens in new tab).

Meet the Nier Automata modders recreating its mysterious secret church while the community explodes

Games Radar 29 Jul 2022
... some one-in-a-million secret that everybody missed until now? Or is this the work of a genuine modder who's somehow gotten lightyears ahead of everyone else? I spoke to multiple lead modders from the Nier Modding Discord (opens in new tab) to help put this chaos into perspective.

How to use Discord on Xbox Series X

Digital Trends 28 Jul 2022
Discord is incredibly handy to pull up while you’re gaming ... Many rely on a smartphone or tablet where they can pop into the Discord app to ask a question on a particular game server, look for a team, chat with friends, etc ... Discord app ... Make sure both the Discord and Xbox apps are open and logged in, then choose this option to chat.

Nier Automata's secret church mystery explained: genius marketing, modding stunt, or total hoax?

Games Radar 28 Jul 2022
A retouched video from Reddit user AsahioDev (opens in new tab), who's been active on the Nier modding Discord and also contributed to the deep-dive into beta assets, highlights more of the surrounding features of this mystery area ... (opens in new tab) meme (opens in new tab).

🔴 The Call-In Show LIVE 9 ET

Rumble 27 Jul 2022
All Superchats (YouTube/Tipeeestream) are read on air! ... -Join the Discord server here.. -Roll call is open 10 minutes before live (8.50 - 9.00 PM ET) - place your name in the roll call during that time window ... -If you’re having trouble using the Discord server or have any questions, please contact Dangerous Spaces on the server and he will help you ... .

Big Time Studios announces OPEN LOOT Platform & Gaming Fund

The Bitcoin News 27 Jul 2022
(BTS) announced the OPEN LOOT (OL) Platform. OL enables developers to launch web3 games and distribute their NFTs through the OPEN LOOT Marketplace ... BTS is also announcing the OPEN LOOT Ecosystem Fund, which will support game developers in the journey as they launch their web3 ... For all of the latest news on OPEN LOOT, check out the official site.

VRChat bans all mods, leaving disabled players and community feeling abandoned

Eurogamer 27 Jul 2022
On Discord, VRChat staff member Tupper revealed they expected the update to be rolled out to all players within 24 hours.